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Kokoso Baby

Kokoso Baby is the natural infant skincare brand started by Lauren when she was a new mum and wanted the very best for her little one’s sensitive skin. She discovered the wonders of raw virgin organic coconut oil and quickly became passionate about its many amazing skincare benefits and uses.

Lauren spent a long time searching for the perfect lightweight coconut oil for baby skincare - and didn't stop until she'd found something really special to share with other parents and their little ones. After winning the Boots ‘Inspired by Baby’ competition and gaining investment on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, she and her husband, Mark, set about creating a range of premium organic coconut oil toiletries packed full of nourishing skincare goodness for their children and yours.

Why we're nutty about coconut oil

Coconut oil is the purest, gentlest, kindest way of caring for your baby's skin. In the tropics this natural wonder oil has been used to nourish and moisturise skin for generations. Raw virgin coconut oil contains a unique combination of medium-chain fatty acids called lauric acid – a magical healing agent also found in breast milk – as well as caprylic acid and capric acid. These special fatty acids are made up of teeny, easily absorbable molecules perfect for sinking deep into your baby’s skin to comfort, hydrate and leave them feeling gorgeously baby-soft. Just as Mother Nature intended.

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Picture of Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil 70g

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil 70g

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Picture of Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil 168g
Picture of Kokoso Gentle Hair and Body Wash 200ml
Picture of Kokoso Natural Konjac Baby Sponge
Picture of Kokoso Baby Soft Balm Stick 45g

Kokoso Baby Soft Balm Stick 45g

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Picture of Kokoso Natural Baby Hair Brush
Picture of Kokoso Coconut Oil Baby Lotion 190ml
Picture of Kokoso Happy Scalp Cream 25ml